Hosanna, better known as Asia Kismet via her site and other site plus Twitter, is one of the people whos Tweets is something I def look forward to, inspirational wouldnt begin to describe them. After all the reckless things I say, seeing her words are definitely something that I can look at to put things in perspective. I hope to effect at least one persons life with words like she has done with mine….

 I had a few questions to ask to touch homebase with her and heres what transpired…



my name is hosanna…yes just like the church song… it’s hebrew, an exhaultation.
Any Successors?
yessir three beautiful children: Asia-Kismet, Lauren, and Kahlil
What quality of yours would you like for your children to carry on?
I would hope that each of my children would have an unquenchable curiosity. A drive to wonder why. I want them to learn how to question…but all that stuff won’t matter if they don’t carry on my love and heart. i think if i had to narrow it down to one thing, that would be it.
Why Asia Kismet?
Asia kismet came around shortly after highschool…i wanted a pen name/screen name that was a reflection of who i am. Asia is for my ancestors. kismet means fate. so when you put those two concepts together you get “ancestral fate”. i truly believe that the words are powerful. and the names we give ourselves are more powerful than the names we were born with. this name envokes power in me. especially living in such a world where the west has dominated so much of the infrastructure of our reasonings and thinking. it reminds me to think…come at things from different angles…and learn.
Tell us about youself
me. i’m simple. i don’t really talk about myself much, would rather let my actions speak for me.  but i’m no different from anyone else. i don’t put myself on apedastle of greatness…but i will tell you i am very much aware of who i am. i have many flaws, i have many short comings, but i also have a big heart.
Can you be defined
i think yesterdays definition for me went out when it was being written. what i mean by that is i’m growing, i’m learning…so by the time you try to define me i might have grown another vice or two. But i think the core of a person never changes. like i’ve said plenty of times you can’t teach a person to have a heart. that’s one of those things you either have or you don’t. you can’t learn to love. you just do.
To me love is being halfway to heaven and halfway to hell, How would you describe/define love?
hahaha i think i’ve answered that question in my other answers. but i describe love as the greatest motivating force known to man. love to me is everything. 
Define hate?
hate is the absence of love. i think saul williams put it best when he said “you needn’t learn to love unless you’ve been taught to hate and fear”. love is the most innate action. Hate is unnatural. though the world would tell you otherwise with their “that’s hate” slogans.
Favorite Author and Why?
i have a few favorites. can i just name my favorite books instead. okay cool.
1. S√he by saul williams — the honesty and imagery in the poems are beautiful. something everyone can relate to. the whole progression of a relationship unfolds before your eyes until the bitter end. seriously a book i don’t leave home without.
2. the god of small things by arundhati roy — if you don’t know who arundhati roy is…please get acquainted. she’s one of the brightest spirits of our time. this book is so beautifully written and the relationships that are conveyed in it–the love, the forbidden, the reality. i really wish arundhati roy wrote more fiction.
3. invisible man by ralph ellison — this was one of those books that resonated with me. i love how ralph ellison depicts a young black man giving him no name allowing the character to be a manifestation of every black man. the social situations brought out in this book are still relevant today and i think that’s why it’s one of my favorites.
4. the prophet, and Spirits rebelious by kahlil gibran– my son is named after him. Kahlil gibran writes from a place where the universe speaks. He uncovers emotions and perceptions so that only truth shines through. there’s something spiritual to his writings.  [wow i bet you didn’t expect that long of a reply on this question right?]
Favorite Musician?
yo you gotta narrow it down…because there’s too many genres for me to be picking just a favorite. but i will say that my favorite musicians alive today who i stand by 110% and think that they can do no wrong are: [drumroll] Bilal and Erykah badu. I literally will dismiss a person if they can’t see the genius in those two artist.
Where do you draw inspiration?
life. i read a quote today “Writers don’t write from experience, though many are resistant to admit that they don’t. I want to be clear about this. If you wrote from experience, you’d get maybe one book, maybe three poems. Writers write from empathy.” ~Nikki Giovanni
and that’s it. inspiration comes from everything…from my daughters smile to the way my baby boy laughs.  but inspiration comes from something greater than me. when i feel most inspired to create something…i honestly feel the most in tuned with the creator. like this is my communion. 

Where do you see yourself 10yrs from now?
married to my soul mate living our dreams.  hopefully have a foundation to help educate our youth about their potential and the possibilities out there for them.
Anything you’d like to share, that you already havent?
as cliche as this might sound. Follow your heart. I finally did…and trust me the reward is so great. unfathomable.  and people need to stop fronting like they don’t love their partners. Yo you need to love the people in your life as much as you can while they’re around. and stop waiting for someone to die for you to remember this.
Whats Next?
 i just got out of a relationship with the father of my children…so really it’s just me building me right now.  planning my next moves and doing what needs to be done.  
 When am I stayin on the couch and babysittin the little ones?
i thank you in advance for taking them to disneyland with you uncle Francis. lol