I’m in an ALC mood right now, about a little less than an hour before I go to the gym to hoop/ball/run whatever your basketball vernacular is used to…..


The Realest (Instrumental)  off of Gangster Theme Music 

Keep The Heels On Ft. Prodigy off of Chemical Warfare 

Pop Ya Collar off of The Ultimate Music Machine

Reppin’ ALC off of The Chemistry Files 

Chemical Warfare Ft. Eminem off of Chemical Warfare 

U Know The Ratio (Feat. Infamous Mobb) off of Insomnia 

Under Siege (Bonus) off of Chemical Warfare 

At Ease (feat. Twin & Prodigy) off of Cutting Room Floor 2 (Limited Edition) 

All I Do (Feat. Bobby Creekwater)  off of The Chemistry Files 

Live At The Amphitheatre  off of Dj Premier Vs Alchemist

Respect My Gangster off of Insomnia 

Freestyle (feat. Evidence) off of Cutting Room Floor 2 (Limited Edition) 

One Never Knows (Feat. Nas & Lake) off of Insomnia 

The Basics (Instrumental) off of Gangster Theme Music

Make My Own (Feat. Defari) off of No Days Off 

Tick Tock (Feat. Nas & Prodigy) off of Insomnia 

Bangers off of 1st Infantry 

What’s Poppin’ Thun (Feat. Prodigy) off of The Chemistry Files 

It’s Gon’ Pop (Feat. Evidence & Joe Scudda) off of No Days Off 

Back Again off of Rapper’s Best Friend 

Acts Of Violence Ft. Gangrene (Ohno And Alchemist) off of Chemical Warfare 

Get At Me off of The Ultimate Music Machine 

Professional Style (Feat. AZ) off of The Chemistry Files 

The Illest (Feat. Havoc) off of Insomnia 

Key To The City off of  The Alchemist’s Cookbook (EP) 

Reign Supreme (Instrumental) off of Gangster Theme Music 

For the Record off of 1st Infantry 

Carved In Stone (Feat. Mobb Deep) off of Insomnia