Now I dont really have a relationship with my parents where I can talk with them about ANYTHING, just last week my dad hit me with the okie doke and asked……

“…..have you been intimate with……?”


It caught me off guard, I had to think about it like damn I’ll really be 26 in two weeks and I cant even tell my dad that I let my penis do in interior decorating in women…

Anywho Brittany and I were watching Kat Williams with her mother and Brittanys bff  Terry……so Katts doin his monologue or whatever talkin about “Buy a condom, ribbed for her pleasure. Turn it inside out, now it’s ribbed for your pleasure”….everyone in the room is weak but if we laugh her mothers gonna know the couch shes sitting on and gettin cheeto fingers everywhere is a war zone when shes at work…..

This is where as a parent you have to pay attention to all akward silences, cause it will answer every question you need to know about your child…….