Over the years I’ve played countless games of basketball, whether it be 21, 33 (for more DMV Ns) 3 on 3, 4 on 4 to 5 on 5…….I’ve dedicated a lot of time to the game and in return its gave me a euphoria thats only been rivaled by one woman….In my eyes I think I’m one of the fiercest competitors out here…I love the challenge…Love putting in all the work, then come game time having everything come natural…..I’ve yet to meet someone who can keep up with my HoopsTv mantra with the game (24 hours)….If I’m not at work or with my love interest I’m ALWAYS ready to play, youll NEVER hear me turn down comp, especially new venues….I can go on about what the games done for me as well as it has for others…..I can say this, 80% of the ppl I know, I’ve met within the 96 ft of concrete pavement, hardwood, all over Virginia.

Anyways heres a list of injuries I’ve acquired since 04…..

(Starting from head ending at toe)

  • Jaw…..right jaw potrudes out more than the left. Reason being someone tripped me and I fell on it…….


  • Cut Under Right Nostril……Was elbowed in the mout in 04……


  • Loose Left Tooth…..Elbowed in the mouth….it was pushed back but I pushed it back forward afterwards…..


  • Chipped Left Elbow Bone……Repeatedly fell on it one year…..now theres a fracture that you can actually move back in place if out of place…..


  • Broken/Dislocated Left Pinky…….Reason why I put both is because I never went to the Doctor to get it checked on, my dad thinks its broke because of the way its positioned……


  • Both Ankles……..I had a stint in High School where it seemed like everytime I hit the court I either stepped on somebodys foot or sprained my ankle another way, I never let either heel properly…..you can tell by the medial side of my right foot where ankle lies that theres an issue….