I was at work today and as I was foldin jeans this young coule (16/17) was arguin….I didnt hear the beginning but I do remember this…..


“(far in the distance)…..fired, ;ook get the fuck away from me if you dont wanna help me fine DONT!”-Boy

“…..its not that I dont wanna…..”-Girl

(Boy Interrupts)”Fuck it ok just leave me alone….*walks away and Girl follows him* “Dont fuckin follow me I’m leavin you here”-Boy

“Why? what the hell did I ever do to you? I tried to help but you wanna be a fuckin dickface cuntweed?”-Girl

“Fuck you……are you mad cause I fired you?”-Boy


:eek x O_O x LMAO

Who fires someone in real life LMAO