Is this the first one?

Anywho I can find humor in anything as youve come to know these passed two plus years…..anyways I think the funnies thing about H&M is when the hood is activated…..most are unaware of the brand/store, so to see all these BIG bitches shop and walk around with the shit face is HILARIOUS to me…..


This shit happened today

Watching big girls sit the sideline while their skinny friends shop equals COMEDY…..

“You should get that skirt”-Skinny Hussie

” :-\ ……..I dunno it looks a little small”-Big Hussie

“Guhl i’d get it if I were you”-Skinny Hussie

“-Big Hussie


dsfghabalgljkhabglagbjkagahlgga the skinny girl WOULD say some 80 in a 45 type shit like that LMAO!