Since the 2K4 (which was ORIGINALLY supposed to be Beans first sig) I’ve have blessed my feet with KBs shoes…sure he’s my fave player at the moment only cause he bopped a pilgrim and got away with it but his line (Huara 2K4, Huara 2K5 ZK1-5 and you can consider the HyperDunk among them as well) have ALL been amazing bball shoes….


Huarache 2K4….Considered as the best basketball shoe in the last 20 years….the Huara 2K4 for me was my fave shoe to hoop because of its minimalistic qualities. The shoe is lightweight and can handle the wear and tear as well as pressure I put my feet through to blow by opponents….the comfort was unparalleled by any shoe I had worn at the time. This  for me was heaven sent, being the only shoe I wore to ball from 04 into 05……(I usually never let a shoe ride more than 4mos)…..

{Pairs Purchased of the 2K4: 4, Nvy/Wht/Red…Wht/Laser…Blk/Gry/Wht and Gry/Ryl/Wht}


Huarache 2K5….Not as aesthitcally amazing as its predecessor the year before but still a beaut(y) in its own right. I remember being on the fence about the 2K5 for a months……I remember tryin them on and I think because I wasnt a fan of the way the shoe was positioned on my foot I wasnt a fan. After a while I broke down and purchased a pair to see if it would live up to the name as well as the hype…..the comfort was there like the 04 but the narrowness bothered me to no end but yet I still enjoyed playing in them nontheless….

{Pairs Purchased of the 2K5: 2, Gry/Ryl/Wht/Red and Wht/Canyon Gld/Purple}


Zoom Kobe I….When this shoe dropped the bulkiness of the shoe turned me off  in the beginning but after tryin them on I was madly in love….I will say this about the ZKI, this shoe after years of being out will ALWAYs be sought out by me because of the comfort and freedom it gives my foot on the court…more than likely my fave from the line….

{Pairs Purchased of the ZKI: 8, 3 Blk/Yellow, 3 Blk/Purp, Wht/Gry/Maize and Gry/Powder Blue/Wht}


Zoom Kobe II….My FAVORITE silhouette, omg this shoe for me aesthetically will not be touched (or will it)…The II and I had a love hate relationship, where-as like previously stated I love the way the shoe looks, its beautiful BUT the shoe itself and my foot didnt get along too well….comfort is something you’ll hear me mention when talkin about this line but I need not to because Zoom Air and my feet go hand and hand…the shoe played well on the court but after the second game my achilles was being rubbed too much and made want to stop and swap shoes immediately….

{Pairs Purchased of the ZKII: 4, 2 Blk/Yellow…Wht/Purp/Gold and Wht/Gry}



Zoom Kobe III….From first glance, its not the most pleasing shoe to the eye but once laced up and on the court, the shoe takes all of that off of your mind…..I said the ZKI was my fave  from the line but the more and more I play with these years later the more I become a fan….the way this shoe forms to my foot and lets me cut and stop at a dime makes this shoe the apex of hoop sneakers for me….

{Pairs Purchased of the ZKIII:1, Blk/Wht}


ZKV….YetToPlayIn Hopefully this Monday I bust Henrys ass in em….

I tried not to get to technical in the post because most dont understand torsional rigitity or Shank plates and so on and so forth…..


Hoop Rotation in the Passed 6mos….

Huara 2K5 (Wht/Purp), ZKI (Blk/Purp) and ZKIII (Blk/Wht)