Project Patten v Da Whisk Messiah aka Jezuz wit Da Whisk



(Reason I threw my hands up was before recording I told Pat I was gonna get a strike and then I end up gettin a split)

So we played 8 games…yup 8……..I think I won the second while Pat won the first by a pin or so…..anywho the day was crazy…….one game i head upwards of 6strikes and STILL lost…..Patt had TWO instances where he knocked down 8 pins MIND YOU they were standing STILL and OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE THE TWO PINS FALL AND GIVE HIM A STRIKE……swear to god i was like WTF!!!!! LOUD AS SHIT….I lost 3 games by a 10 pins or less :-\

Patten had me beat in the best of 5 3-2…..then we took it to 6 and he was 4-2……then I won the next 2 :hat

^^^^myself doing this along with me making angels on the alley >>>>>>>*