He was NOT lying……


So we started the night at Peabodys in Va Beach where our friend Scotty P hooked us with drinks……well…………….hooked Micah up with drinks…..Taryn (Micahs sister) and I observed all the underdressed, non dancing white ppl and Tim Duncan Ns (think about it) the club had to offer….So we leave Peabodys after a few drinks (4 maybe?) and I myself drive us to Granby St where shit was just getting started…..


At Scotty Quixx Micah transcended all energy catchphrases i.e. #BASED crunk etc…..Micah was humpin Trixie, Brock, Taryn (yes his sister), Eric as well as my self 😦

So……around 1a I head out to meet a friend thinkin “ok everythings gonna be cool”……as I come back from the meet up I get a text “Ns out here lookin for you” I’m thinkin ok Ns must be ready to go, so I text back alright I’m already on the way back now…..I get to Velvet and Brock tells me Micah passed out twice and they had to carry him into Velvet…..I go inside and see……

Taryn is a coon for the two pix above…..aeou9a7f867trsd6autydgu

After a few minutes inside I’m like “I’m goin to get the car” (it took a while cause I couldnt remember where I parked)….we DRAG Micah into the car and I rush us to the house…….


On the way as you can see below Micah got rather comfortable while unconscious…..


…..and then had a “whoopsie-daisy”……


We get to his apt obviously I wouldnt be able to pick this guy up and drag him in the house so Micahs neighbors helped us plop him on the couch….about 15mins in the house Micah wants to relieve his liquids on his couch…..

Being the good friend I am I take his clothes off so his clothes wouldnt continue to be drenched by volmit throughout the night….plus APC denim and OriginalFake aint cheap…..

I told Taryn to splash water on his face to make sure he was breathin properly and all that jazz……sadly enough this was the funniest part of the night cause every time she did so he’d whimper…..sdiufa97s8f7daiyf

This pic above is just me being an asshole ahjidyaf7i6utdjhj (hopefully ppl see the irony)

So I decided to stay at the apt to make sure everything was cool for the night….I slept on the deadstock volmit free couch while Micah lied there on the floor…..so I see Micah wake up round 5 and I’m like “you ok” and I repeat it….this dude walks to the wall where is dogs cage and bowl are and proceeds to PEE on the wall/ into the dogs bowl for a good min…..after finishing and he stumbles to the volmit riddened couch rolls upside down (which was HILARIOUS at 5 in the morning), falls off the couch back onto the floor and heads back to sleep…thats the point I woke Taryn up like “hey Im gonna head home and attemot to get some real sleep”……


During my break from work today I headed by the apt to see if everything was cool and all was well which was a great sign…and all he kept sayin was “Wow I apologize” and ” I dont remember any of that”….which was cool we were just glad he was alright…..

Now if you look at the first pic it says “Me and Eric” whos bday we were celebrating as well but is lost in the mix with what happened above